My chat with Sir Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Take 1 resized 3

Did I say “3 separate guitars?”

At one of the mix sessions this week, Dave Darlington (engineer) and I prepared the stems for “Ticket to Ride.”  I remembered that I referred to “3 separate guitar parts” that would be completely isolated in my recording.  Well, I counted wrong, because there are 4!

Buried under the iconic 12-string ostinato is a rhythm guitar part, which is more easily heard in the coda, but plays throughout. So the complete separation includes:  • Ostinato on the Rickenbacker 360-12, • Rhythm on the Rick 325, • The low A’s on the Strat, and • My favorite part – the McCartney fills on the Epiphone Casino.  Nice to be able to mute any one of them separately and play along.

We also re-inspected the guitar parts to “Taxman.”  Dave pointed out that what I had thought was a volume pedal at the re-entrance of the guitar figure (before the third verse at 1:31) was rather the fader being brought up in the mix, while the guitar was in progress with a hammer from  C to D, therefore the attack of the note is not heard.  Whether intentional or not, it always sounded pleasingly psychadelic to me.

Speaking of “Taxman,” I had the good fortune to work with Sir Paul when he made his Broadway debut  in 2010 (more about that soon!) – I asked Paul about the “Taxman” guitar solo, saying that after all these years,  I still find it difficult to count – though I’ve since learned it very well – Paul’s only explanation as to how he did it was “too many stimulants!” In future posts I’ll tell you lots more about my 4-day episode with the master.IMG_8740 Rick 12 w JimIMG_8618 epiphone


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