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The Gibson J160 – what I learned

I admit that I struggled to get the right sound for the Harrison guitar part on “This Boy.” But after some detective work, it was clear that I was barking up the wrong tree. I had tried various settings on the Country Gent, but I came across the isolated vocal tracks of the Beatles, and heard just the leakage of that guitar part into the vocal mic.  It convinced me that it was the leakage from the Gibson J160, and sure enough, the Gibson going direct into the board got the sound I was looking for.  I should have thought of that possibility, since I learned long ago that it was Lennon’s Gibson on “I Feel Fine,” which I never imagined was anything but an electric.  But with the pickups, the acoustic/electric is a thing unto itself.  Probably the guitar geeks were way ahead of me on that one, but it just shows me that there’s always more to learn.IMG_1093 LH serious

I truly hope that musicians and singers find the same enjoyment as I have with these recordings.  And until there’s a way to separate the original recordings to this depth, perhaps these tracks will be the next best thing.